LAMP (Linux + Apache + MySQL + PHP)

Saytek has been an early adopter of open source technologies such as LAMP and thus have experienced teams that have been building applications with Linux, Apache, MySQL/ PostgreSQL, and PHP (commonly referred to as the "LAMP" suite) from the early stages of these technologies evolution. At Saytek we watched PHP become an industry standard and the middleware of choice for millions of businesses around the world. Along with LAMP, our expertise in JavaScript, Ajax, Perl, Python and other ubiquitous web technologies has allowed us to deliver complex web systems in the evolving Web 2.0 world.

Saytek provides offshore software development and LAMP custom software outsourcing services based on several years of experience in executing projects based on Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP (LAMP) technologies. ValueSoft has extensive experience in Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. We have capabilities in performing integration and custom development with LAMP technologies. Our team has development experience working on complex system for large web applications and custom software development. Our developers are certified in open source technologies, notably MySQL and PHP, and actively incorporate advances such as the Zend Framework into our work.

What is LAMP?

LAMP (Linux + Apache + MySQL + PHP) is the platform of choice for the rapid development in the global competitive market for deploying low-cost, reliable, scalable, secure web applications for small to large scale websites and web applications. LAMP open source framework is the preferred choice for developing scale out architecture by harnessing the full potentialities of Web 2.0 applications.

LAMP is the platform for the custom development and deployment of high performance web applications.

  • Linux as an operating system is most often used to run servers and can run quite well even on older hardware;
  • Apache is the most widely used web server which can be run on a variety of operating system;
  • MySQL is well known for its reliability and free availability. Also includes PostgreSQL.
  • PHP has a number of built-in features which make it more intuitive and is most often used in conjunction with MySQL. Now, even Perl, Python and other programming languages are included in the LAMP acronym.


  • LAMP application framework unlocks many new possibilities for all clients without licensing restrictions and you can develop and deploy LAMP applications according to your needs and not according to the way laid down by some technology proprietor.
  • Being open source LAMP technologies are fully customizable so you can add or subtract any functionality from the application being developed as per your requirements.
  • Using the customizable LAMP features we develop fully robust and scalable Web 2.0 applications for your needs.


The impact of LAMP technologies can be assessed from the fact that the LAMP application programming framework today throttles nearly 70% of the global internet and is not owned by any single company or vendor, rather is backed and developed by the open source community.

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