DevOps is a “garage of Tools”, it is not a product or technology but rather a methodology that acts as the glue or unites software development, production and operations into an integrated continuous process. The DevOps methodology is about dissolving the barriers between Development and Operations. It leverages people processes and technology for collaboration across the entire software development and releases process.

Saytek has extensive experience in DevOps and leverages this expertise to provide customers with comprehensive DevOps services spanning strategy, planning, execution and managed services. Leveraging our DevOps Assessment Framework, Saytek delivers strategies and solutions that help clients maximize the ROI.

Signs you are dealing with a dysfunctional Process

  • Software Defects are discovered late in the process
  • Development gains lost once the software goes into production
  • Developers and Testers are consistently waiting on resources and tools they need causing delays
  • Problems pinpointing issues across development, testing, and production operations
  • Simple human errors causing problems during development and deployment
  • Development views their job as complete once the application in is production
  • Pointing fingers every time there is a problem
  • DevOps Transformation; Where do I start?
  • DevOps will provide stability and agility but realizing there is a problem is the first step. Getting out of the dysfunctional state and on the right track is the key to success.

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