Cloud Computing

With expertise in all aspects of the Cloud, we can provide support from migrating existing applications to building entirely new ones. We rely upon the best cloud providers like Amazon and Azure to manage the infrastructure and platforms on which the applications run.

The growth of cloud computing is being driven by the rapid penetration of virtualization management, the increase in cloud computing offerings and enormous pressure to deliver IT faster and cheaper. For current day businesses, taking to the cloud technology is the key to sure shot success. All you require is to hire managed cloud services along with professional work force that can drive your business to heights you have never imagined before.

Using the ‘best-in-class’ industry leading cloud solutions, Saytek can help organizations with following cloud services:

  • Cloud Advisory - Cloud readiness evaluation, Cloud Business case and ROI estimation, Preparation of roadmap.
  • Build 'Application platform as a service' Cloud migration - Application and Data migration services
  • Cloud Integration - Integrating enterprise applications with the Cloud based solutions

Cloud Solutions

Cloud computing is part of almost every IT conversation, from strategic planning to tactical implementations. Organizations are mesmerized by the cloud’s promises of significantly improved business and IT agility and lower IT costs. All organizations now have a cloud strategy. The key question now is ‘are they executing their strategy to get most out of their cloud investments?’

The better an organization is able to aim, deploy, and execute its cloud strategy, the faster they will achieve their business objectives. Unisys has illustrated this over a period of years, and throughout numerous clients, leveraging our suite of cloud solutions which help organizations:

  • Select applications and align cloud opportunities with business strategies
  • Secure workloads by giving them zero visibility
  • Manage IT environments with a single view

Saytek Cloud Solutions provides organizations:

  • Speed that moves applications with minimal risk up to 60% faster. This is the speed you need to meet your customer and market demands
  • Security that isolates endpoint environments using communities of Interest thus protecting you from unknown threats
  • Cost-savings through a single dashboard to manage infrastructure optimizing resources

Unisys Cloud Solutions delivers the speed, flexibility, and security your enterprise needs.

All Cloud Solutions

Private Cloud Services

Saytek Private Cloud Services provides a flexible computing environment consisting of both virtual and physical servers in either a shared or non-shared (private) cloud for customers who require server capacity on a subscription basis.

CloudBuild Services

Saytek Cloud Build Services enables organizations to successfully build cloud that is integrated into the overall business process - transforming their existing infrastructure for delivery of an agile IT-as-a-service model.


Choreographer™ is a fully-featured Cloud Management Platform (CMP) that automates the management of infrastructure that hosts development and test and production workloads. Choreographer establishes an elastic, scalable, highly-secure environment using private, public and hybrid cloud deployments.

Data Center Planning Design and Implementation Services

These services combine the people, processes and technology, with the program and project management necessary to transform a client’s existing data centers into ones that provide business agility at a lower cost.

Cloud Advisory Services

Cloud Advisory Services provide strategic and financial guidance on aligning IT to business objectives, assess the transformation and delivery options like enhancements to existing data centers, private cloud or public cloud, and develop a roadmap to achieve a real time enterprise.

Enterprise Broker Service

Saytek Enterprise Broker Service (EBS) provides a one-stop-shop cloud management service that integrates, automates and secures multiple public and private cloud infrastructures and other consulting services. Unisys EBS gives organizations a customized solution to enable efficient management of their IT environment.

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